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營運於疫情下的挑戰 Challenges of operating in an epidemic



  • 由於墨爾本、悉尼辦公室無法重開情況下,以上受影響辦公室之所有員工角皆採取在家工作的特別措施;
  • 兩間位於西澳之餐飲活動中心暫停營業,受影響員工在意願情況下將暫時轉職至外賣送餐服務,廚房工作人員則採取社交間隔措施以減低聚集染疫風險;
  • 所有商業活動會議必須在網絡上舉行以減低聚集染疫風險;
  • 台灣科技研發中心採取三組團隊編制,輪流回到公司上班方案以減低聚集染疫風險;
  • 香港直播室因《限聚令》實施下,要求同時間並不多於四人同時出現於直播室之安排;
  • 日本因疫情仍然嚴峻,錄音室採取低密度工作方案—所有後期製作工作人員需採取在家工作的特別措施。





Everyone must have been affected by the pneumonia epidemic recently, and our company is no exception. Under the rapid deterioration of the business environment, many employees may worry about the company’s operating conditions. The company reiterates that there has been no layoff plan (including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan Far East-related regions).

Due to uncertainties in future operations, what the company has adopted in its operations today is to reallocate resources on the company structure to reduce operating pressure when feasible, including but not limited to the following policies:

  • The offices in Melbourne and Sydney cannot be reopened, all staff corners of the above affected offices have taken special measures to work from home;
  • The two catering activity centers in Western Australia are temporarily closed. Affected employees will be temporarily transferred to takeaway food delivery services if they wish, and kitchen staff will adopt social separation measures to reduce the risk of gathering infection;
  • All business activity meetings must be held on the Internet to reduce the risk of gathering epidemic;
  • Science and Technology R&D Center in Taiwan, all staffs will adopts three teams to prepare and take turns to the company’s work plan to reduce the risk of gathering infections;
  • Due to the implementation of the “Limitation Order”, the Hong Kong Live Broadcasting Room requires no more than four people to appear in the Live Broadcasting Room at the same time;
  • The epidemic situation in Japan is still severe, the recording studio adopts a low-density work plan-all post-production staff need to take special measures to work from home.

The above measures are short-term measures under the epidemic situation, and the company makes corresponding adjustments every two weeks depending on the situation.

It is hoped that all employees can stick to their posts in the epidemic situation and jointly overcome the challenges in the epidemic situation.

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