Vinas Studio

(08.03) 有關新型冠狀病毒之防疫行政措施 Administrative Measures on Coronavirus-19 Prevention


  1. 由本日起(2020年8月3日),禁止所有員工前往中國及所屬地區(包括香港、澳門),直至另行通知 ;
  2. 2020年8月3日(台北時間)起,所有員工亦禁止前往歐洲各國(包括非申根國家如英國、愛爾蘭等地區)以及美國,直至另行通知 ;
  3. 如任何員工出現發燒或呼吸道疫病,請向直屬上司通報及前往醫療機構求醫,並將結果通報;
  4. 如簽證到期需回當地辦理者,回國後無須返回工作國家及辦理更新工作簽證,直至另行通告;相關員工需依時在家工作及向直屬上司匯報工作進展;
  5. 墨爾本總部由8月3日(墨爾本時間)起暫停辦公至10月1日,復工安排另行通知 ;
  6. 一切受影響員工於無須上班之工作天薪酬將與平常無異,如有佣金則按比例酬情發放(墨爾本總部則有特別安排)。

有關 PerMel 之額外最新行政措施:

  1. 由於澳洲實施社交管制措施,旗下之餐飲活動中心暫停開放至另行通知,並加強外賣配送服務。

有關 Vinman Music Group之額外最新行政措施:

  1. 為於日本之Vinman Music Group / Vinman Production 因應疫情有大爆發趨勢將暫停營業至10月1日,所有非合約藝員、錄音室工作人員、樂團成員建議於身體狀況許可下返回居住地。

The following are the latest administrative measures implemented by the company and its subsidiaries now:

  1. From today (August 3, 2020), all employees are prohibited from travelling to China and its regions (including Hong Kong and Macau) until further notice;
  2. From August 3, 2020 (Taipei time), all employees are also prohibited from travelling to European countries (including non-Schengen countries such as the United Kingdom and Ireland) and USA until further notice;
  3. If any employee has a fever or respiratory illness, please report it to your supervisor and go to a medical institution for medical treatment, and report the results;
  4. If the visa expires, it is necessary to return to the local applicant. After returning to the country, there is no need to return to the working country and apply for a renewal of the work visa until further notice; the relevant employees must work at home on time and report their work progress to their immediate supervisor;
  5. The Melbourne headquarters will be temporarily close from August 3 (Melbourne time) to Oct 1 and the resumption of work will be notified separately;
  6. The compensation of all affected employees during working days without work will be the same as usual. If there is a commission, the compensation will be paid proportionally (the Melbourne headquarters has special arrangements).

Additional up-to-date administrative measures for PerMel:

  1. Due to the implementation of social control measures in Australia, the catering activity center under it has been temporarily closed until further notice, and the delivery service has been strengthened.

Additional up-to-date administrative measures for Vinman Music Group:

  1. In order for Vinman Music Group / Vinman Production in Japan to suspend business in response to a major outbreak until Oct 1, all non-contract artists, studio staff, and band members are advised to return to their places of residence under physical conditions.