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澳洲各辦事處特別安排 Special arrangements for offices in Australia


  1. 各同事如受山林大火影響,請盡快與公司聯繫及作出適當支援;
  2. 悉尼分部停止上班,直至另外通告;
  3. 墨爾本總部將密切留意山火情況,不排除因應情況惡化而即時停止辦公並疏散員工;
  4. 曼杜拉社區的餐飲活動中心於2020年01月06日暫時開放直至另行通告,所有員工請留在安全地方並密切注意山火事態發展。

As the forest fires in Australia are still not under control, it is announced that the offices will make the following special arrangements from now until further notice:

  1. If colleagues are affected by the forest fire, please contact the company as soon as possible and provide appropriate support;
  2. Sydney branch ceases to work until further notice;
  3. The Melbourne headquarters will closely monitor the fire situation and will not rule out the immediate shutdown and evacuation of employees in response to the deterioration of the situation;
  4. The catering activity center in Mandurah community will be temporarily opened on January 06, 2020 until further notice. All employees are requested to stay in a safe place and pay close attention to the development of the mountain fire.
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