A group of people who like games and pay attention to related business development, actively participate in game creation and game-related technology development.

We LOVE Gaming!

It was originally composed of a group of players who intend to broadcast the game, and jointly build a live broadcast studio for game live broadcast and provide venues for other related live broadcast services. With the development of the group, in addition to focusing on game live broadcasts, we have also started to communicate and share opinions with different types of game development units and related game products and services from time to time.


There are the core members of our team:

Designer/ Streamer


Graduated doctoral student in the Department of Communication Design at Swinburne University of Technology, Australia. He worked in the entertainment and media industry for more than 8 years, and now is the founder of Vinas Studio in Hong Kong, he has been responsible for many excellent layout designs and game design.



Graduated from Waseda Department of Literature, University of Tokyo, and participated in many game designs, including character design and background. At the same time, she is also active in the game live broadcast industry and has accumulated too much popularity among them.



Graduated from the Department of Creative Media Design at the City University of Hong Kong, she also is a working partner with Vinas in past game design work. At the same time, she has been running game live broadcasts for many years and is a frequent visitor in the publicity of previous large live broadcast platforms.

Designer / Streamer (TW)


Graduated from National Tsing Hua University in Creative Media, he is also the only Taiwanese in the team. He is the live broadcaster on the local live broadcast platform. He also participates in the character design of game companies.


Founded in 2019, provide professional online streaming platform in Hong Kong. VinasGaming is the brand own by Vinas Studio.

GAMING Technical Partner

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